Drupal Developer

Drupal Developer

Site builder, Themer, Programmer


August 2013 to March 2014

Drupal development training in multiple roles: Site builder, CSS theme programmer, PHP programmer


  • Comprehensive training through BuildAModule.com and Udemy.com
  • Current site built in Drupal 7, designed to be editable at an end-user level, with pure CCS3 for nearly all effects
  • Trained in site building using varied methods and approaches, such as Views, Context, Panels/Panels Everywhere, and common sense combinations of multiple methods for different author types
  • Module authoring methods optimization for end-user simplicity and efficiency
  • Troubleshooting technical issues, design hurdles and conflicts
  • Proficient with workflow enhancements such as Drush, Firebug, Notepad++, and other valuable time saving techniques
  • CSS3 programming, themeing and effects, with emphasis on cross-browser compatibility
  • Database management and migration using MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and Backup and Migrate module methods
  • Experience with many popular modules:
    • All core modules
    • Administration Menu
    • Background Image
    • Backup and Migrate
    • Coffee
    • Chaos Tools Suite
    • Context
    • CSS Injector
    • Custom Formatters
    • Date/Date Views
    • Display Suite
    • Field Slideshow
    • Module filter
    • Pathauto
    • Panels/Panels Everywhere
    • Superfish
    • Token
    • Views
    • Views Slideshow
    • Wysiwyg
    • and many more...
  • Drupal Association Member, supporting Drupal's development and infrastructure

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