Disney's Playmation

Disney's Playmation

Lead Designer


November 2014 to April 2016

Disney’s ambitious new division launched for augmented and virtual reality physical play.

Initially hired as a UX designer and gameplay programmer for Marvel’s Avengers, I was later appointed lead designer of Star Wars for reception to my designs, my passion for the franchise, wealth of production experience, and track record on Avengers.

In a screen-centric era, the goal was to get kids out of the house playing outside again, moving their whole bodies and not just their thumbs.

Star Wars

  • Guiding core game design, creative vision, content structure, technology, platform design, and product value proposition
  • Worked heavily with production team and executive layer on production planning, staffing planning, development strategies and methodologies, life cycle and target timeline
  • Lead a highly passionate and energetic team towards a singular vision for story, characters, emotional targets, play styles, and overall creative direction
  • Collaborated with marketing on strategy, content, and messaging
  • Trained and directed new and young designers, providing support as a mentor, and a helping hand when they became overburdened
  • Heavy iteration and feedback with LucasFilm on maintaining a Star Wars universe consistent with brand conventions, while creating an entirely new story, characters, and mythology

Marvel’s Avengers

  • Gameplay programming on audio-only levels on the Repulsor gear, audio and asset integration
  • UX and UI design working with the various product owners on the AvengersNet App
  • Tuning and timing of audio-only mission content on the physical Repulsor gear
  • Worked closely with engineering, art, design, and production teams to refine and build our tools and pipeline