Command & Conquer: Tiberium

Command & Conquer: Tiberium

Level Designer

Electronic Arts

November 2006 to September 2008

Hybrid RTS/FPS Squad Shooter developed using Unreal Engine 3

  • Designed a four mission chapter including its story arc, centerpieces, mechanics, mission objectives, and cut scenes
  • Conceptualized and modeled in Unreal, the mockup of the visual centerpiece for the missions
  • Gameplay design and iteration on encounters, pacing, tuning, AI, event scripting, lighting
  • Prototyped existing designs for both one-off and core campaign mechanics, including functioning mock-ups
  • Redesigned the long troubled demo level (X-Slice), earning it final approval, and use as a guide for single-player
  • Trained and guided two designers on proprietary tech, and provided technical troubleshooting assistance to the team

Recommendations for this work:

Simply put, Joe is a fantastic colleague to work with and an asset to any team he joins. I worked directly with Joe on two titles at EALA, and his design skill and passion for great gamemaking were evident in every interaction we had. Joe is an excellent communicator of "tone" or mood when it comes to his game levels, a fact which greatly simplified the process of my designing the sounds to complement his work. I sincerely hope to get the chance to work with Joe on future projects at EALA or elsewhere.

Joe DiDonato is great game developer and a very creative designer with an imagination that has the ability go outside of the box and beyond. He is a solid professional who studies his craft and is also a hardcore gamer. Joe believes being a gamer and developer is a lifestyle and not just a job, he is very passionate about his work and strives to make game quality the top priority. He is an excellent level builder, an Unreal 3 expert, and also has expert level scripting skills. I would be happy to work with Joe again in the future and he would be a great addition to any team.

I have had the pleasure of working with Joe at 2 different companies so far in my career and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

He is a hardcore gamer at heart and it truly shows in his work, he is passionate and highly motivated. Joe and I have worked in both RTS and FPS genres and I always looked forward to playing the latest version of his levels. Joe knows what fun is and knows exactly how to make it.

In addition to his professional qualifications, personally, Joe is just a great guy to be around. He is down to earth, friendly, respectful, and gets along well with others.

Joe is an imaginative, creative designer and consummate professional. During my experience working with him on Tiberium he was a pillar in our team in establishing what was important to create a fun, competitive game in our mission and offer up improvements and insights into every other area of the game. He readily and enthusiastically contributes in any given situation (whiteboarding, layout, tuning, mechanics, process improvements, etc.) and while many of these are winners right off the bat, he also works well with change and maintains his focus in the clutch. In everything I've seen Joe work on it is obvious that he not only knows and loves games, but he has an extraordinarily high quality bar. Joe also has a broad understanding of technical considerations, is unpretentious, helpful and easy to work with, expresses himself clearly and intelligently, and is always eager to tackle the next challenge.

The most important aspects of working with Joe is his ability to devise useful and creative gameplay ideas on the spot, as well as his detailed and insightful understanding of game design. The amount of praise I about Joe's level design ideas were heard from not only his own Producers but also from studio heads. During our two years of working together, he had proven to be a crucial asset to the projects. Not only would I look forward to working with Joe again, I would look forward to working for Joe.

Joe is a very talented and creative designer who I would hire at any opportunity. Joe frequently impressed those around him by surpassing goals and improving the project in many areas. His hard work and determination made the game more fun in noticeable, tangible ways. A true hardcore gamer, Joe is a fountain of ideas and positive energy that team members enjoy working with and collaborating on.
Joe's a dedicated team player with a very bright future at whatever company he chooses to work at.

Not only is Joe a pleasure to work with, he also has a very deep understanding of design principles in video games. Joe and I worked together only indirectly, but I have seen him building levels and working out design concepts on paper and I've even participated in some discussions with him. He loves to think and solve problems and for that I always enjoyed having Joe around.

Working with Joe on Tiberium was a collaborative pleasure. As a senior member of the level design team, Joe was always willing to listen to ideas and suggestions coming from the art side. He recognized the value of going to the technical artist (i.e. me) to brainstorm on what would be technically feasible to achieve, so he could take that knowledge and apply it to the level designs.

I found him kind, complementary, practical, and a solid member of the team. I look forward to working with Joe again in the future.

Joe is great! I had the best time working with him at EA. He's got such a great eye for design and his knowledge of games is impressive. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Joe again.

Joe was a pleasure to work with at EA. He was a good game designer but he was also very knowledgeable in a lot of other areas as well. I highly recommend Joe and would like to work with him again.

Joe is a talented and professional game designer with a real passion for games. I would be happy to work with Joe a future project.