Puya Dadgar

Gameplay Engineer at Spark Unlimited

I have worked with Joe on “Ninja Gaiden Z” game for almost a year. As a senior designer he always knew what tech he needed, and how it has to be designed and implemented. During the important milestone days he was the go to guy for closing the project, and making sure all the departments work integrated properly together.

He has an extensive knowledge of Unreal Engine, and the tools. As a designer he is always flexible to find solutions to make the game work while tech is getting implemented.

He is also very generous with sharing his strong skills and knowledge with team members. During the time we worked together, I witnessed that he helped people who had very little experience with Unreal become experts with the tech.

Working with Joe has made me a better engineer since he always knows exactly what tech he is looking for, and won’t be satisfied until it has been implemented properly in the highest quality possible.

Puya worked directly with Joe at Spark Unlimited

Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba

New IP spinoff for Ninja Gaiden franchise, developed using Unreal Engine 3