Jason Reis

Experienced Game Developer

Joe is an imaginative, creative designer and consummate professional. During my experience working with him on Tiberium he was a pillar in our team in establishing what was important to create a fun, competitive game in our mission and offer up improvements and insights into every other area of the game. He readily and enthusiastically contributes in any given situation (whiteboarding, layout, tuning, mechanics, process improvements, etc.) and while many of these are winners right off the bat, he also works well with change and maintains his focus in the clutch. In everything I've seen Joe work on it is obvious that he not only knows and loves games, but he has an extraordinarily high quality bar. Joe also has a broad understanding of technical considerations, is unpretentious, helpful and easy to work with, expresses himself clearly and intelligently, and is always eager to tackle the next challenge.

Jason worked directly with Joe

Command & Conquer: Tiberium

Hybrid RTS/FPS Squad Shooter developed using Unreal Engine 3