Adrian Sotelo

Gameplay Programmer at Spark Unlimited

Joe goes to the top of my list of good designers I've worked with. He was a creative designer, but beyond that he was able to use his creativity to get the most out his tools, getting them to do what he wanted by using what he had. When he came to us (the engineering department) with a request, he knew what he wanted and was able to articulate the specifics of what he needed instead of vague high concepts and open questions. Joe was an expert with Unreal tools but it was clear to me that he has the competency, work ethic, and most importantly imagination to not only learn any new system, but to bend it to his designer will.

Adrian worked directly with Joe at Spark Unlimited

Ninja Gaiden Z: Yaiba

New IP spinoff for Ninja Gaiden franchise, developed using Unreal Engine 3